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Why Is This ‘Free’ London UK Mailing Address Costing £5?

At the time of writing, the basic FreeVirtualOffice service has a £5 once-off, 12-month cover-charge. That seems to be a bit of a contradiction, right?

I mean, if the website is FreeVirtualOffice.co.uk, why are they charging me money?

The answer is quite simple. It’s the same reason a nightclub does it: to filter out anti-social customers.

It’s a fact of human existence that if you have any place online or offline that has free entry, it will be abused.

Any club that has free entry and no other bar to admission will be be targeted by the antisocial. There are enough ne’r-do-wells in any small town to close any club that does not put up some bar to entry.

The club owner starts off with the best of intentions and maybe, a bit too innocent. He’s a good guy and he is prepared to give people he meets in life a chance.

This lasts about a week in the real world if you open any public place which has free entry and doesn’t have a bouncer.

A great many people in these dark times have neither the means nor the will to pay for services rendered. Some will cause trouble for sport. Some have mental problems. They will abuse what’s offered in good will.

Vagrants will harass mothers of small children in local libraries. Obese young men will swear at low-waged workers in fast-food franchises. This is intolerable if you are a business owner.

A small number of miscreants can make a club distinctly uncomfortable for the decent clientele. They go elsewhere and the club owner is stuck with a club that’s now got a bad rep.

What more experienced business owners do is put a very large and impressive gentleman front-of-house that not even an ex-squaddie on speed will think about tangling with. As a website, we can’t do that, obviously.

Another reason for a charge is that business owner sees that he’s got a lot of people wanting to come in and he needs to control numbers, so he sets a cover-charge or entry fee.

This means that he gets a better sort of customer; the more people pay for a service the better they tend to behave.

It’s a fact of human nature that we tend to despise that which is free: ‘it costs nothing, so how good can it be?’

FreeVirtualOffice.co.uk offers a gold-star service at copper-penny prices, so we have to be selective in who we let use our services.

A free mailing address can be a useful shield to a kind of low-level fraudster who wants to bilk Mom and Pop of their hard-earned cash and then run away from the consequences. We will not be accessories to that.

Our charging a small upfront processing fee means that we can also firm-up who we are dealing with. You have to have a credit or debit card to buy from us, and that’s a form of ID.

I recall reading about a nightclub in Scotland which had a problem with the local ‘neds’ causing trouble. It put a local elderly lady on the door who addressed troublemakers thusly: “Jimmy Balfour, ah’m telling ye’re mother whit ye’ve been doing up here tonight!”

This lead to a marked reduction in bad behaviour within the precincts!

As far as we are aware, we are the only company in the UK offering this kind of excellent value-for-money.

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