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Cheap Virtual Office In Constance St., Silvertown, London UK

FreeVirtualOffice.co.uk is based in an unusual nook in London’s East End.

Silvertown is a post-industrial area very close to City Airport, one of London’s most expensive. Anyone taking a flight there is commuting to other business destinations worldwide and is not going on a holiday!

London unusually has a small airport very close to the new financial district, Canary Wharf, with ease of access to and from this area by public transport.

Stressed executive know they can get to the airport and land in a foreign country in the same amount of time it takes a New Yorker to get downtown.

The area itself is being regenerated and, given the cost of real-estate in central London, can only become more gentrified as time goes by.

One can see as one travels on the DLR, which is an overhead route, that the money is slowly moving towards Silvertown, as the gentrification effect spreads outwards.

Regenerated post-Industrial decay is becoming a des-res for software programmers and financial analysts.

Land is simply too valuable to be left idle for long in London. It’s a stable, first-world jurisdiction, so foreign money looks to buy property as an investment. This encourages developers to build residential and business property to be sold on at a very high markup.

Thus, new properties turn up in places which seem unlikely to older residents.

Abstracted from Wikipedia:
“On 21 April 2015, Newham Council gave planning permission to The Silvertown Partnership for a new £3.5billion redevelopment of the area. The 7 million square foot development will provide offices, a tech hub, 3,000 new homes and brand experience pavilions. A school, health centre and shops are also included in the plan and an innovative new bridge will cross the Royal Docks to get people to Custom House station and Crossrail.”

Nearby is the Tate & Lyle sugar factory which occasionally emits the sweet smell of syrup, redolent of youthful days in your mother’s kitchen.

About our office

Our office is easily accessible, being on the route of the 473 bus and a five minute walk from City Airport DLR (Docklands Light Railway).
It has a kitchen and there is local parking.

The meeting room can be booked with 24 hour’s notice in the working week. Just contact us

It seats 4 people comfortably. There is a kitchen and reception area outside, where your guests can wait and you can make drinks.

No monthly fees and no commitment required!

At the time of writing the following niches would suit this office:

– Construction;
– Freight and delivery;
– Manufacturing;
– Transportation;
– Food and beverage;
– Trades (plumbing, electrician, landscaping);

How it works:

You sign up with us under Registered Address, and upload proof of ID and address via our web portal. You get our address and the proceed to use it.

We receive your letters at the office. Our staff go through them and, finding yours, send an email from our system.

We forward the letter on to your verified home address, if your account is in good standing.

Get a cheap mailing address in a more prestigous locations, with easy access, in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

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