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Something Different: Get A Virtual Office Free

FreeVirtualOffice.co.uk offers something unusual; a free mailing address in London.

Working From Home:
Is it For You?

The internet era has now made it easier to work from your home.

11 Big Companies Who Started Very Small

Not all big companies start in an office, some start in a garage.

The Various Uses Of
Virtual Offices

Here is a list of well-known and also obscure reasons for having a mailing address.

Shared Office Desk Space To Go With Your Virtual Office?

Working from home is all very well but sometimes you have to get out of the house.

Low Cost UK Company Formation – What’s The Catch?

Anyone can charge you anything they want if you want to buy it from them badly enough.

Free UK Business Bank Account For Free Virtual Office Clients

Barclays Bank is offering free business bank accounts to Free Virtual Office clients.

7 New Offices Across The UK

FreeVirtualOffice.co.uk is delighted to announce the addition of 7 more high-end offices in Britain.

FreeVirtualOffice.co.uk is changing

FreeVirtualOffice.co.uk has now come under Registered Address Ltd. This results in some changes to your account.